Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great List Of Famous Vegetarians

I have always got great joy from reading these list of famous vegetarians. If you have a suggestion for someone who is missing please leave a comment and I'll add them.

George Church - Geneticist, molecular engineer, chemist
Franz Kafka - Novelist and short story writer. Major figure in 20th century literature
Charlotte Bronte -
Ralph Waldo Emerson -
Henry David Thoreau -
Sir Isaac Newton - Mathematician, astronomer, and physicist.
Mahatma Gandhi,
George Bernard Shaw,
Leo Tolstoy -
Mark Twain -
H.G. Wells -
Henry Ford -
Leonardo Da Vinci -
Charles Darwin -
William Wordsworth -
Thomas Edison -
Plutarch -
Pythagorus -
Socrates -
Nikola Tesla - Inventor),
Diogenes -
Albert Schweitzer -
Vincent Van Gogh,
Susan B. Anthony,
Martin Luther,
Clara Barton,
Betty White - Golden Girls
Elvis Costello,
Dave Davies (Kinks),
Bob Dylan,
Peter Gabriel -
Joan Armatrading,
Davey Havok (AFI),
Siouxsie Sioux,
Joe Jackson -
Ray C. Parrish - Congressional Candidate, Dr. J.J. Band, GRIND, 3rd YES Bass Player
Billy Idol,
Kate Bush,
Chrissie Hynde,
Brad Pitt,
Alec Baldwin,
Pamela Anderson,
Steve Martin,
Christie Brinkley,
Cathy Dennis,
Desmond Howard,
Edwin Moses,
Martina Navratilova,
Kathy Johnson -1980 Gymnast of Year
Bill Pearl (Bodybuilder],
Alicia Silverstone,
Eric Stolz,
Jennie Garth,
Liv Tyler,
Dennis Weaver,
Michael J. Fox,
Jerry Seinfeld,
Brigitte Bardot,
Dustin Hoffman,
Virginia Madsen,
Anthony Perkins,
Woody Harrelson,
David Duchovny,
Richard Gere,
Natalie Portman,
Ricki Lake,
Ted Danson,
William Shatner,
Tommy LaRussa,
Anthony Peeler - NBA
Bill Walton - NBA
Robert Parish - NBA
Billie Jean King -
Joe Namath -
Peter Buck (REM),
Martin Gore (Depeche),
Fiona Apple,
Sinead O'Connor,
Boy George,
Steve Howe (Yes),
Scott Adams (Dilbert),
Clive Barker,
Berke Breathed [comic artist],
Richard Bach,
Henry Heimlich M.D.,
Donnie LaLonde(Light Heavyweight Champ, ),
Dave Scott (5x Ironman Triathlon winner),
Killer Kowalski,
Jack LaLanne,
K.D. Lang,
Richard Thompson,
Lene Lovich,
Annie Lennox,
Julian Cope,
Lenny Kravitz,
Prince (the symbol guy),
Captain Sensible,
James (whole band),
Belinda Carlisle,
Emmylou Harris,
Joaquin Phoenix,
River Phoenix,
Candice Bergen,
Larry Hagman,
Charlotte Ross,
Olivia Newton John,
Christy Turlington,
Vanessa Williams,
Rosanna Arquette,
Kevin Eubanks - Jay Leno Show musical director and bass player
Kim Basinger,
Orlando Bloom,
Johnny Marr (Smiths),
Meatloaf - Yes it's true
Natalie Merchant,
Wendy O' Williams,
Shania Twain,
Jeff Beck -
John Lennon -
Yoko Ono,
Paul McCartney &
Linda McCartney,
Ringo Starr &
Barbara Bach,
Princess Diana,
Todd Oldham - Fashion designer
Leonard Cohen,
Steven Jobs - Apple founder
Chelsea Clinton,
Ziggy Marley,
Kraftwerk - the entire band
Sarah McLachlan,
Eddie Vedder,
Robert Smith - Cure
KRS-One -
Amy Ray - Indigo Girls
Grace Slick -
Steve Vai - Guitarist, singer, producer and composer
Paula Cole,
Phil Collen (Def Leppard),
Rick Savage (Def Leppard),
Bob Barker(The Price is Right),
Tobey Maguire,
Rhea Perlman (Cheers),
Sara Gilbert,
Lisa Rinna (Melrose),
Captain & Tennille,
Consolidated (the band),
Don McLean(wrote "American Pie" song),
Michael Bolton,
Lisa Loeb,
Marina Sirtis (Star Trek),
Mary Tyler Moore,
Marilu Henner,
Meredith Baxter,
Peter Cushing,
Reese Witherspoon,
Don Imus,
Peter Bogdanovich,
Anthony Robbins - Motivational Coach
Cesar Chavez - United Farm Workers
Cassandra Peterson - the "Elvira" character
Thora Birch - Ghost World creator
Susannah Hoff - The Bangles
Carter Beauford (DMB),
Boyd Tinsley (DMB),
Daniel Johns (Silverchair),
Bryan Adams,
Andre 3000 - OutKast
Steve Morse - Dixie Dregs,Deep Purple guitarist
Lisa Simpson & Apu,
"Weird" Al Yankovic,
Fred Rogers - Mr.Rogers
Johnny Rotten,
The Roots (whole band),
Minor Threat (whole band),
George Harrison (Beatles),
Larry Mullen (U2),
Carl Lewis(Winner of 17 Gold Medals),
Erykah Badu,
Bonnie Hunt,
Lindsay Wagner - The Bionic Woman),
Keenan Ivory Wayans,
Linda Blair (Exorcist),
Drew Barrymore,
Matt Groening(creator of The Simpsons),
Susan Powter,
Traci Bingham (baywatch),
Milo Ventimiglia [GG],
Mike Farrell, RZA [Wu Tang],
Raekwon [Wu Tang],
Ghostface [WT],
Prodigy [Mobb Deep],
Russell Simmons,
Spice Williams (stuntman),
Marv Levy (Buffalo Bills),
Gillian Anderson (X-Files),
Demi Moore,
Rue McClanahan(Golden Girls),
Jane Goodall,
Dwight Yoakum,
Naomi Watts,
Michael Tsarion,
Don Piraro - created Bizarro cartoon

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Uncle Rays' Vegetarian Rueban Sandwich

Becoming a vegetarian at 39 years old is quite a life changing experience. For me it happened by accident to be honest with you. My girlfriend at the time and I decided that we were going to really downsize. Cut all of our bills down to the bare essentials. We moved closer to where I was working at the time, moved into a small guest house, paid off the car and she quit work. It was the best times in my life. We were working to live, not living to work you might say.

It didn't take long to figure out that the most expensive thing in our budget was meat! So we started our journey of learning to eat well without eating meat. And regardless of what people say, the first thing that happened to me [as I think happens to many people] was that I got fat! The abuse of pasta, breads and carbs in general took it's toll. But something else happened. I was experiencing a variety of health issues at the time [I won't get into details, this is a recipe blog] and within a couple of months they disappeared, gone. I am not the same person today and my reasons for being a vegetarian are now many and varied. But I have not been to a doctor since that time and have not had the flu since then either. Remember those flu's you get once a year when they come around? Call me Mr. Immunity System! Sounds like a great name for a super hero, heh.

So after trying to live off of salads, potatoes, broccoli and beans I decided it was time that I learned to make real food for my new life. And I don't have any idea where I found this one but wherever it came from I owe them big.

Uncle Ray's Vegetarian Rueban Sandwich"s

Ingredients Needed

Rye Bread
Provolone Cheese

For the Rye bread the best and most popular with guest and family seems to be Russian Rye. If I am cooking for myself I will use my favorite Trader Joe's flourless bread. This diabetic avoids the white poison [white flour] every chance I get. But I know friends and family should not be put through that.

For SauerKraut any of the name brand SauerKraut in a jar will do fine. But here is a tip I learned from a German lady that had the best SauerKraut in the neighborhood when I was growing up. We thought she had this great secret family recipe, but no. She was just carefully rinsing store bought SauerKraut in cool water. Make sure to drain it off as good as you can.

Use your favorite tomatoes. I am so picky about this sandwich that I don't use any of the moist parts of the tomato. The sandwich will just end up a wet mess if you do.

The original recipe called for Swiss Cheese but I prefer Provolone. Once again I am lucky to have a Trader Joe's a couple of hundred yards from my house so I use their sliced Provolone.

I only have Brown Mustard in my refrigerator so I don't know how it would taste with other Mustard's. Be my guest to experiment.

First, toast the bread. Make sure it's toasted but not over done since we'll be putting it in the oven. Spread mustard on one side of bread the lay dry side down, on a oven grill that is resting on a cookie sheet [See the picture]. Since the sandwich wants to slip and slide around I like to add the ingredients in small alternating portions. First a couple small pieces of cheese. Then a little bit of SauerKraut. The a few more pieces of cheese. Then a few small slices of tomato. Then a few small pieces of cheese. Then a little more SauerKraut. You get the picture.

Now place the second pieces of bread, mustard side down of course, on top. Place them in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes.

You know what's next, See ya next time!

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