Sunday, December 20, 2009

What is your answer to "So what is the GREENEST thing YOU can do"?

I was enjoying one of my favorite blogs this morning, the "Do The Greenest Thing Blog", and was reading the post....So what is the GREENEST thing YOU can do? I just couldn't help myself and decided to share author Jenna C's great post and my response here. It's time people realize that there is more to energy consumption then cars. Oil is food!

So what is the GREENEST thing YOU can do?

Something has been on my mind, and I’m just aching to share this with as many people as possible which is why I started doing the whole Face Book, Twitter, Blogging thing…I am very passionate about this and I think you will be too. Here goes…

As most of you know, there is an obvious pollution problem all over the world. Anyone local to the Phoenix area just has to look out side to see the filth hanging in the air, or drive down one of our freeways and see “pollution advisory” on a sign on an overpass. It’s not just here, its everywhere. The problem is right in our faces, not to mention the other unseen effects caused by emissions.

The most negative effect you as individuals have on the environment is driving your vehicles. Vehicle emissions kill over 30,000 people a year in the United States alone!

Some may argue about Global Warming, and whether or not it’s real. I believe it’s happening, but what I believe is beside the point. The point is, there IS something you can do to help with this pollution problem. I’m not going to tell you to car pool or ride your bike or take the bus, although those are all helpful. I’ve got something MUCH more powerful.

What I want to tell you about is a device created by a brilliant friend of mine, Randy Ambrose, founder and CEO of Vortex Magnetics. It’s called Power Box. This device uses magnetic energy to cut your vehicle emissions in HALF, not to mention the dozens of other benefits which I will cover a little later. You don’t need any tools to install; you’ll get everything you need to when you order it. It clips right to your fuel line and that’s it.

Right away you’ll notice a difference. You’ll get an increase in gas mileage (up to 25%!!) and horsepower. Your vehicle emissions will be cut in HALF. Your car will require less frequent tune ups and over a short amount of time the carbon build up in your engine will be removed. It does all this and it costs less than $80.00. This product pays for its self with in a few months with the money you’ll save in gas, and it will last longer than the life of your vehicle.

Installing a Power Box on your vehicle IS the GREENEST thing you can do! The product is the only one of its kind with an EPA approval and has been marketed in over 13 countries. There are even more amazing things this product can do, but I’ll save that for another time, or you can check out the website. Visit

I thank you for your time, and please, your feed back is very much appreciated to this newbie.

Until next time,

Jenna C.

My comment....

They number one thing we can all do in my opinion is to shed red meat from our lives. The amount of fossil fuel it takes to produce red meat and the pollution from it is one of if not the largest contributor to our problems. At this point if U.S. citizens could just eliminate 2 meals of red meat a week we could feed every hungry person on this planet. Of course this is only going to get worse as the populations of China and India desire and can afford more animal protein. The effects from their massive populations will make the effects of our mere 300,000,000 look petty. We have problems on the way!

What is your take? Please leave a comment and let us know.


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